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What is Smart Packaging? Types and Benefits

Smart Packaging

Packaging has evolved over the years, from traditional clothes packaging to the latest smart packaging. But What is it? What special features does it have? What are its benefits? Well, to have the answers to all your questions, keep reading. 

Understanding Smart Packaging

Smart packaging involves emerging technology that enhances consumer and business utilities simultaneously. Further, it makes the information accessibility and tracking easier than ever. With better information tracking, consumers get the opportunity to know more about the product and the producing company. Well, from the brand’s perspective , it offers the opportunity to learn more about the consumer and to pick up the inefficiencies in the supply chain. 

It is expected that the market will reach $59 billion by the end of 2025. This figure aptly illustrates thegrowing demand for this latest packaging. Although it is in its nascent stage, but the potential it has other than just packaging is huge. 

Types of Smart Packaging

Now, we are well aware of what is smart packaging So, let’s deep dive into the types of this innovative packaging.  

Active Packaging

As the name suggests, active packaging actively interacts with the inside products and releases the material that either adds or takes away the unwanted component from the product. For instance, oxygen absorbers are added to the bottle caps of plastic beer drinks, to increase their shelf life and also keep their taste intact.  

Intelligent Packaging

Unlike active packaging, intelligent packaging involves interaction with the outer world. It not only enhances user engagement with the product but also tells a lot about the product conditions. For instance, intelligent packaging will have sensors that help them in changing colour when the product is expired or there is any leakage in the packaging. 

QR Packaging

QR Code packaging enhances customer involvement. On scanning, it provides information like ingredients, vegan status, how-to lists, and more. 

RFID Packaging

Packages can be tracked using RFID tags to discover their current location throughout warehouses. This is so because every single package has an RFID tag and every single warehouse has an RFID reader.

Benefits of Smart Packaging

Benefits of smart packaging

Smart packaging of products is done by considering various factors that help both the consumer and the producer in various ways. IoT-enabled devices can easily communicate with it and provide information.

Here is a list of a few benefits of smart packaging

  • Consumer empowerment

Intelligent packaging offers a great customer interface using technologies like QR, RFID, and NFC. For instance, the QR code on the food packaging on scanning provides resourceful information such as ingredients, nutritional value, safety measures, user manual, how-to guide, and more. 

  • Quality control

Smart packaging involves sensors and indicators that inform whenever the inside product is not in good condition or has some contamination. Sometimes packaging involves certain materials that remove the unwanted components and increase their shelf life.

  • Being relevant 

In the competitive market, it is essential to be relevant to the consumer. Smart technology offers a great user interface and enhances the user experience. Naturally, customers will be more attracted to products with smart technology. So, as a brand, investing in these types of evolved packaging will provide better returns. 

  • Prevents theft and counterfeiting

As a producer, you might have gone through the problem of counterfeiting your brand products. This not only affects your brand reputation among your loyal customers but also hampers your profitability. To prevent theft and counterfeiting, smart packaging would be your saviour. As it will tell the customer about the originality of the product, additionally can help the producer in tracking his products. 

  • Promotes predictive planning

Smart packaging helps the producer to track the amount of product left with the customer. This will help the producer with sending the reminder message or email of replacement to the customer. This way predictive planning is possible and even with smart technology like QR, the customer will be automatically taken to the website. 

  • Brand Transparency

Nowadays, customers are way more conscious than ever regarding the ingredients and how they are sourced for the products they are using. Smart packaging can be used to deliver information about the ingredients, their source and by whom they are manufactured, and other relevant information. This not only enhances brand transparency but also increases customer confidence. 


To be a leader in the competitive era, one decision to delay smart packaging can lead your customers to move towards another brand. It is the future of packaging, and sooner or later it will capture the packaging market. So, it is advisable to make a positive move in the desired direction. If you are searching for the leading tube manufacturer in India, consider Sitons Propack. We offer the best packaging in various designs and sizes at affordable prices.

Hope this information will clear all your doubts!

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