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Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends for 2024

Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends

Packaging is one of the critical factors in the marketing of any product. But when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, various factors other than its aesthetic appeal are taken into consideration.

From choosing the right materialfor pharma packaging to correct detailed labelling are a few other things to count. Well, over the years, pharmaceutical packaging has improved a lot. We being, the leading Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Packaging Tube manufacturers in India, here we share the pharmaceutical packaging trends for 2024.

7 Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends for 2024

With changing times, everything needs upgrade and pharmaceutical packaging is no exception. Involving the latest technologies helps in producing better packaging that is not just durable but equally efficient.

Smart Packaging

Technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (near-field communication) have entered the world of pharmaceutical packaging. Technologies like QR codes have also reduced the need for paper pamphlets.

Smart packaging is among the leading pharmaceutical packaging trends for 2024. Through these smart technologies, information such as side effects, ingredients, the best ways to intake, storage and preservation methods, and more can be easily accessible by the consumer.

Child-resistant Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging mostly uses child-resistant packaging. They are made in a way to prevent children from ingesting harmful materials. Manufacturers do not make various medicines for children, and a child might end up with drug poisoning by accidentally ingesting extra dosages.

For child-resistant packaging, we consider a few things such as specialized caps, re-closable packs, and non-toxic packaging materials.

Sustainable Pharmaceutical Packaging

Every commercial industry should consider sustainability as one essential thing. The pharma industry can go for the following trends to be more sustainable in their domain:

Biodegradable Material

Go for biodegradable and compostable packaging materials, as they are easily broken down through natural processes.  Biodegradable materials are mainly made with seaweed, fungi, algae, and more.

3D Printing

Latest technologies like 3D printing can be a good way for personalized packaging. It will help the brands to manufacture containers as per the tailored dosages. This will help in reducing the cost of redundant manufacturing equipment. 

Sustainable Material

Sustainability helps to secure the resources for future generations. There are various packaging materials like LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH which are sustainable and easily degradable. Brands can also go for recyclable plastic or compostable packaging.

Leakproof Packaging

Leak-proof packaging is among the most preferred pharmaceutical packaging trends over the years. Good brands make sure theirpackaging is not only appealing but is equally leak-resistant as this prevents the spilling or leaking of the inside product. It also prevents damage done during transportation. 

Tamper-resistant Packaging

Leading Pharma brands, make sure that their products reach the end users without any tampering. For this various things like the tear strips, cap seals, gummed paper tape, and more are used by the brands. Among the pharmaceutical packaging trends, this helps in building confidence among consumers. 

Using Non-reactive Materials in Packaging

Leading brandsare very cautious when choosing to package material, as a low-grade material can react with the product inside. This way it not only degrades the quality of the inside product but also may turn the drug into poison which can cause fatality. 

Balance Between Aesthetic Appeal and Quality

Maintaining a balance between aesthetics and quality of packaging is what needed to follow by the pharma companies. A good brand understands the needs of both but knows how to balance over this thin rope to enhance its sales.


Pharmaceutical packaging trends have evolved over the years and with coming technologies things will get advanced. So the leading brands should follow the latest trends to compete in the market.

We at Sitons Propack, manufacture best-grade packaging tubes and contribute to the drive for sustainability by using materials like LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH. For pharma packaging brands we offer 8 Colour Offset Printing, Hot Stamping, or 4 Colour Silk Screen Printing. 

Hopefully, you will find this read interesting!

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